big break 2011

So many things are happening or have happened I can’t keep up with the posts. I will make one entry today about Big Break where I will share the results of this conference, and then later this week show some of the media we created for this incredible gathering. We call it Big Break. It is a week long conference for students to learn how to experience the gospel in more practical ways while at the same time teaching them how to share the gospel with other students who have come to the beach without a thought of hearing or thinking about the message of Christ. I am biased, but it is one of the best things our ministry does in terms of programming.

We host it in Panama City Beach, Florida. The students pile into a beach front property for a week. We have morning sessions that are loaded with worship, teaching and training. In the afternoons the students fan out all over the area and initiate conversations with other beach going students. In the evening the students gather again and share stories that reflect God’s spirit moving in and through them. Many students come to Christ, and it makes for a great celebration.

So what happened this year? We had just shy of 3,000 students attend the conference over a four week period. Those students initiated just short of 13,000 spiritual conversations. Out of those meetings 5,084 lead to the gospel being shared, which resulted in 486 students trusting Christ! We are so happy for these new Christians.

So I will close with the promotional video we put together for this conference and later this week I will post other media we worked on for Big Break 2011.