adoption paper work almost done

This week we hope to finish the paper work that completes what our agency calls our dossier. This collection of facts about us then is sent to Ethiopia for them to review us and then allow us to be matched with a child or children (remember we are open to two kids if they are siblings). In the mean time we have some immigration work to do (like getting finger printed). We get closer every week.

Once we are matched we then wait for a court date in Ethiopia where we will need to appear before a judge to answer questions that basically assures them that we want the child or children for real. We will be introduced to the children on that short visit and then we head home. We then wait for when the officials say that we can return to receive the child or children (we have been told that can be four to six weeks, however for some reason right now the wait is even longer).

We continue to look for the funding resources we need to do this adoption. You can see our progress on the right hand column of this page. We are encouraged and the excitement builds as we move closer to having all the formalities finished.

We know friends are praying for us. We are grateful. I hope this updates you with ongoing details so you can continue to pray for us. We need God in every inch of this. We need you our family and friends too.