worldwide student network

screenshot of wearesent.comscreenshot of summer projects pagescreenshot of summer projects page Tokyoscreenshot of STINT page Tokyo We call it WSN which stands for Worldwide Student Network. It is our long standing strategy to mobilize students and staff to reach students and faculty around the world. We have three entry points. One is our summer projects. Another is what we call STINT which stands for short term international. We send students and staff internationally for a year. Lastly we have ICS which stands for International Campus Staff. Our ICS go internationally for three years or more.

We have partnerships all over the world. In the states we divide our efforts up into regions and we have 10 of them. Each region promotes a specific set of international partnerships and facilitates staff and students going to these regions to reach out and share the gospel.

We were asked to help our Pacific Southwest region promote their partnerships through a web site called So just before Christmas we posted the results of our work. Thank you for your partnership with us to make work like this possible.