update on our adoption

african-kids (not our kids) We crossed another bridge toward adoption. We had the state worker come to our home where she collected many of the documents and forms we have collected and/or filled out, interviewed us and physically inspected our home. We have had help getting to this place as several friends had to supply letters describing us, and we even had friends that are notaries in our home making each document "official". Whew!

I have grieved at different times through this process that we take such care in an adoption process and yet in some places we are able to end the life of a child with hardly a word. That is sobering isn't it. God have mercy.

So we press forward. Next steps as best I understand them look  like this. The state worker writes up our home study. We will review it and see how we were evaluated (the state worker can determine if we can adopt, and if so how many would be allowed). Then that study is submitted to our adoption agency. Once they have that we can begin to study the waiting children that are available for adoption. The agency assembles our dossier that Ethiopia requires. We then are matched to a child or possible a sibling unit. In the mean time we seek the funds to facilitate all of this. We will invite friends to help us and we will apply for grants. Finally we will be assigned a court date in Ethiopia where we indicate our intentions to adopt before a judge, and we will meet the child or children. We then return home and travel back to Ethiopia maybe six weeks later to bring the child or children home with us. That calls for a big "Whew!"

I think Lisa and I both feel like this is surreal. We have all kinds of conversations about it. We ask questions. We have glimmers of excitement, and bouts of fear. We plan and we pray. Please don't hesitate to join us. ;-)

Lastly if the Lord leads you to help us fund this adoption we welcome your gifts. To the right I have placed a progress bar. There are actually two bars. One is for our monthly support. We need that too, to continue to minister in this mission, and support a larger family. The other one is the one time funds we need to adopt.  If you would like to begin giving through us or you would like to give a special gift you can do so by clicking on the "Join us..." under Quick Links.

Thank you for simply reading this post and keeping us in mind, especially when you meet with the Lord and pray. All of life is really a team effort, and we certainly feel the need for the team right now. God bless you.