SHIFT: Winter Confetence

Three of us traveled to San Diego to share with students the operational opportunities needed within our mission. Most our students have a great exposure to what our field workers do, but for every staff person we place in the field there are a number of operational staff that release them to focus in their field tasks by taking care of all sorts of support services. We came to San Diego to talk to a few.

Two of us got sick and I was one of them. The day we hosted a lunch for interested students and did a seminar later in the afternoon was a difficult day. I was either shivering or sweating from a fever, but I pulled through it. In the four days we were there we met with about 60 students.

The theme of the conference was SHIFT which is a word that describes what occurs when you draw near to God. The conference was a perfect environment for the Lord to draw nearly 800 students closer to Himself.