adoptive gestation

Just as there are nine months that enable you to prepare for a natural born child so it seems adoption has a gestation period of its own. However, it is more in the form of vital documents to be gathered, references to be written, and funding to be raised. We are still in the process of collecting the necessary forms and having them notarized properly in order to formally apply for adoption. In addition to the paper work we will meet with a state worker who will review all our records and personally assess the fitness of our relationship, physical capacities, and finances. The process is thorough, and I am actually grateful for it. It seems the time is good for both Lisa, the kids and I to get our minds and hearts around this new chapter of our family's life that will potentially unfold.

I have been encouraged by the many questions received as to where are we at the with this adoption. It is amazing to me so many are thinking about it, and it reassures me we have many friends who support us. I am grateful.

The next steps are to finalize all the papers, hand in our application with a $1,400 check. Then the state worker with come and meet with us in our home (It is called a home study), and it is actually the state worker who will decide if and how many children we may adopt.

In addition to those formalities, we will need to find $40k to cover agency, country and travel fees associated with the adoption. I added a progress bar on the righthand side to track our journey toward securing these funds. You can help us. Just like supporting us by clicking on the Join us by giving through our CCCi give site! link under Quick Links on the right side of the screen.

Pray for us. Pray that God continues to confirm His calling to this enormous privilege and responsibility. Pray for the necessary funding. Pray in any other way the Lord might lead you to intercede for us.

Thank you.