adoption, really?

Ethiopia kids (not ours)

November 2010

Upon leaving our appointment with Sue at Celebrate Children International, I asked Dennis what he was thinking. He replied, “My question is no longer should we adopt, but how many children do we bring home when we do?” I trembled a bit inside, yet found myself in awe that my cautious husband was throwing caution to the wind. We’ve talked about adopting throughout our entire marriage, yet it’s remained hypothetical for us. Until 4 weeks ago, when we both were aware God was leading us to dip our toes into the river. Fearfully, I baby stepped to the river’s edge alongside Dennis. As we dipped our toes, a current much bigger than us swept us off of our feet and we’re submitting our application with initial references to the agency today! We’ve never felt “in so over our heads” in anything we’ve done before. Amidst my fears, I hear the Father say, “This is all about my glory. It’s so beyond you there won’t be a temptation to share it.” Ain’t that the truth. With over 5 million orphans in Ethiopia, we believe the Father is setting apart one child or a sibling unit to join our family. We are desperate. We are out of our league. Yet we are powerless to stop the current for he’s deposited within us a knowing that this is His will for our family. How we desperately covet your prayers for us in this wild ride into mystery.

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We love and appreciate you.