progress bar changed 12%

an image showing progress Off to the right I have a progress bar that marks a campaign we are on to be fully funded. What that means is that we would reach a level of support that meets our administrative expenses, ministry expenses, benefits, savings going into our 403b ROTH, and our salary set by our leadership. Today we are not fully funded so we are only able to take 62% of our salary.

I just posted an entry that shares how the Lord seems to be moving us toward adoption, and so our need to be fully funded is only underscored. We want to be released to respond to tasks and responsibilities the Lord reveals we are to do. Being fully funded would preserve our energy and allow for focus on the ministry God has called us to.

If you are able to return to our blog, keep and eye on the progress bar. I trust it will prompt some timely and critical prayer for our lives and ministry. If you are not yet one of our partners or if you are a partner and you would like to give an extra gift or increase your giving go to our Join Us (or click here) page and click on the link "Join Us" (or click here). You can also look to the right column and find a link that takes you directly to our ministry's secure give site.