keegan turns thirteen

It is not unusual to wake up, and move from a dead sleep to tending the garden or a few other tasks like that. It is not unusual if you are Keegan anyway. It is normal for my buddy to rise with a To Do list he makes in his head the moment his eyes pop open. He is an activator, and in his mind every day is a day to get something done. Keegan has already proved that he can do a variety of things, but he does not hesitate to commit to a few things that always take priority. So far there are two that stand out. One is that he loves to cook, and he is good at it. The other is he loves the team sport of soccer, and he is developing into a defender with whom others must reckon.

I love his sense of responsibility. He so faithful that already we can count on him in many mature ways.

Keegan turned 13 this week, and Lisa and I could not be more proud of our young man. We celebrated with friends, and it was a joy to usher him into the teenage years. Here are some images Lisa and I were able to capture at his celebration (If you can not see this flash slideshow you can go to my Flickr space and see the photos there. Click here to go to these images on Flickr.)