you have my attention

I am standing by the freeway, at what was suppose to be my commute home, watching a tow truck hoist my car onto it's back. It appears I lost my water pump.

At 1pm today Lisa called to tell me the home air conditioner broke. At 3:30p I was told the a/c motor needed to be replaced. Thankfully the repair man had one in his truck. By 5pm our home had cool air again.

This morning I was reading 66 Love Letters by Larry Crabb about Lamentations. Larry shared the difficulty in reconciling the treatment God's people were experiencing in Jeremiah's (the author of Lamentations) day with the fact that God allowed it. If God permitted that kind of treatment of His people then what about now? What can we expect?

A quote from Larry's text came to mind as I watched my car get ready for a piggyback ride was this,

Do not live to arrange for your own satisfaction. Confess the evil of your arrogance. Repent of your self-provision. Trust Me, in every moment of suffering. I do not mean you harm. My plan for you is the prosperity of enjoying Me, of dancing at My party. You cannot dance in the ditch of denial.

These recent calamities have jarred me into attention. Am I living for the security of reliable cars, for cool air, or to be debt free? Just how much of my life is all about me anyway?

Larry Crabb writes that if we are listening we will hear this in the love letter of Lamentations,

Every moment of suffering represents a strident but merciful call to repent. And every moment of suffering presents a painful opportunity to hope.

I don't have reliable cars and I have debt. I have cool air for the moment, but it could fail anytime. What I do have is hope, and strangely enough I have peace with that hope. It is enough. How about you?