car trouble, or is it something more?

Reading Romans (5:3-5) and James (1:2-4) are not really happy verses. After all they pretty much guarantee we will have troubles. There is a good side, and that is these verses also promise that these troubles will develop us in promising ways. I am glad sort of. I mean I like these truths when I am not in trouble for then I think, "Hey there is a purpose and fruitful outcome to be gained if things go south." However, while in the trouble itself all I can think about is, "How and when do I get out of this."

I am looking for an exit now with regard to one of our cars. Ever since we returned from our summer travels it is like a vacuum on our financial resources. A battery, work on the A/C, and maybe now a bad transmission. Ugh. I want out.

I can't say what I am learning, except that I have a choice. One choice is to fret, stew, complain, grow anxious, worry, and maybe even panic. The other is to remember the Lord may well be in all this and therefore I don't want to miss what He is doing. I can choose to move into the mystery of what lies ahead with confidence that my God is Jehovah Jira and He is faithful.

"Father, give me the faith to make the later choice."