Site Changes

This was not my smartest move, but the Net is a very dynamic place after all. After publishing an update newsletter featuring our blog, including images of each page, I did something I have longed to do, and that is update the site. This included changing the look of the site. So if you are coming here for the first time because you saw our recent newsletter this looks different, but it is the right place. The site "look" I had before was two years old and for me I needed the change. I did not mean to throw anyone, but I do love this new site built on a template called Standard. It includes a lot of technical advantages that I won't bore you with, but at least for me it will be more enjoyable to use. I hope your experience is enhanced as well, and I think it will be once I implement all the bells and whistles. As is everything on the net, it is a work in progress.

Thanks for bearing with me and humoring me a bit too.