July update

Time in California has included a chance to work on our blog some. I updated all the pages on our site including inserting newer pictures. I still want to add a dynamic slideshow to the page, but I have not found a tool I like yet to do it. I also added a goal progress bar that measures how close we are to full financial support to the right. Anyway, after doing all that I thought I should promote the site more. So our July update is all about this blog. If you are reading this then you don't need the marketing, but if you would like to read our letter before it lands in your mailbox you can look at it by clicking here.

Lastly let me encourage you to look at the join us page. It contains two videos that I think you would enjoy. One highlights the strategic nature of reaching students and faculty. The other is a short "results" video we prepared for Campus staff leaders to get a sense of what God has been doing through our mission. If you watch it note that Big Break is a student conference we run during spring break in Panama Beach, Florida. The other thing to note is when we use contexulized ministry we are talking about a strategy that is aimed at reaching a specific people group (i.e. Asian Americans, Native Americans, etc.), and when you see Bridges (a contextualized ministry), they reach out to international students going to school in our country. I hope you will take a look at these videos (incidentally our Austin film team did the first video while the second one was done in our office in Orlando}.

Lisa joins me thanking you for engaging with us. If you invest prayer and/or your gifts for and through us we are grateful. God bless you.