It is about us

I was blazing through the bible on target to complete it again this year when Larry Crabb's new book 66 Love Letters surfaced on my reading list. As I got into it I knew I would want to start over and walk with Larry and the Lord, so to speak, through God's Word. So I came back to Genesis and started again through the bible. I am now beginning Numbers and I am so glad that I decided to go back. The first five books of the Old Testament are called the Pentateuch and they are much like a woman giving birth to a baby. Through much labor and pain a chosen people are coming forth and learning to relate to their holy God.

There is so much in these letters I would urge you to read them, and if you can pick up Larry's book 66 Love Letters to help you make a deeper connection to God's words.

All of that is context to one of the things that has become more clear to me. That is that this life is not about me, nor is all about God, but it is about God and me, and it is about those that are around me too. It is about we. God is showing me a bit about the unholy energy that I give to self obsessive type thinking or behavior, but that He has provided ways for me to express holy energy in my relationships. There are so many opportunities to do this, which is also something that is more visible than it has been to me before.

Here is one opportunity that we just had as a family last night. We celebrated Lisa's sisters birthday. It was fun to focus on her for a little while and just celebrate her life. I created a short video of parts of our time together.