Preparing for a visit

I have heard it said that if you want to clean your house, then invite people over. The incentive to create a clean space for your guests will help you overcome barriers to actually getting to the task of cleaning your house. In a similar way when you get ready to embark on perhaps an extended trip, you overcome all kinds of barriers of home to do's so that you can get your house ready to leave it for a while. That is our lot right now. We are preparing to be away tending to our additional responsibilities of connecting with our friends who partner with us, and perhaps meeting new friends who will join us, and so we are working like mad to get all these nagging home tasks completed (i.e. finishing painting the house, fixing sprinklers, pruning, etc.). We are wearing ourselves out. We are looking forward to connecting with our friends as well as making some new one's too. This is a part of our role that is both challenging, and yet super rewarding.

The work does not cease here in Orlando with theLAB. In fact, we are preparing to have a summer intern join us for the next 10 weeks helping us create media solutions for our mission. We have a dozen projects mapped out for the hot and humid days of summer.

We are mailing our latest update letter out (to those who prefer a hard copy) Monday. If you want to read it first here you can click on the link for it. Here is our update for the month of June. (june update)