Students Pack Meals for Haiti on Spring Break

Assembling meals image Spring Break is here for some college students. Panama Beach in the panhandle of Florida remains a popular destination for "spring breakers", it is also the location where we host a conference we call Big-Break. My team the LAB created the visual theme of this five week long conference that historically will have nearly 3k students attend (see the web page as an example of some of theLAB work). This conference always includes a number of great opportunities for students to learn to share their faith on the beach, and that will result in story after story of students who came to party their break away and found a life long relationship with Jesus.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with those facing incredible challenges in Haiti and we know students share this burden. An idea surfaced that we could leverage the students to help us assemble meals for Haitians while still getting a chance to share their faith. The plan is to still provide great worship, teaching and training in evangelism, and we will add meal assembly to the mix. We will break the conference into thirds. One third will canvass the beach and invite any student to come spend an hour or two assembling meals. Another third will support and supply those putting the meals together. The final third will continue to do tried and true strategies to connect with students on the beach. The goal will be to share Christ with as many who will listen, and in addition to that to assemble 1,000,000 meals! Pretty niffty huh? We hope and pray God will use the ideas to His glory.

This is the first week of Big-Break. Not too many schools break this early. Weeks 2 and 3 tend to be very large and week 4 will then thin out again. I will post the results when we have them about five weeks from now. Keep checking back for photos and stories.

Speaking of stories here is a news report on some of the activity taking place there this week.