National Leadership Conference

We are making history here at the conference. It was 1991 when the Campus Ministry reorganized it's leadership structure. In the years that followed we went from having about 380 movements on the major campuses in the US, to nearly 1200 today and assisting on about 200 more overseas. The 1991 changes seemed to have served us well. We have learned that we have out grown our current way of organizing, and this week we have been introduced to new pardigmns. It is taking us a week to walk through those changes so I will not take the space to detail them here, but I like what I am hearing.

The bottomline to all the change is we want to be in better position to take on more growth if the Lord would be gracious to allow us to continue to serve His interests on campuses here and overseas. To me the changes are promising.

Here are snapshots of some of our meetings. I have more at my Flickr site. There is a link of the right side if you care to see more.

wide angle image of our meeting in the main conference room

Image of a panel of the National Executive TeamImage of Keith our Executive Team Leader of WSNImage of "What would happen" video theLAB created Image of production crew (all members of theLAB)