Okay, okay

It is cold outside (yes, even in Orlando). My back is still quite sore from my tumble in the snow. I was content working on email. Cole (soon to be nine ) was bent on going shopping for his sister Madison who will turn 14 tomorrow. He must have asked me 20 times to take him. The last time he asked I thought he really does have a good idea. I love his heart to give to his sister. I want to encourage him. I would like to spend time with him. Lets go. As we headed to the shop Cole had fixed in his mind that he wanted to get a gift for Madison I thought about his frequent requests. If he had asked only once I know we would not have gone. It took me a while to get friendly with his idea. We did go and it was fun and productive.

For some reason the story of the parable of the persistent widow (Luke 18:1-8) who kept asking the judge for her want/need came to mind. Jesus was teaching about prayer. He basically instructed us to keep asking Him for what we want/need. I thought of some things for which I have prayed as well as some needs I need to ask of our Father. I am encouraged to ask, and to keep asking.

I hope my 2010 theme will be all about prayer. I would say that is my resolution. Prayer.  God willing I will be transformed by this. How about you? Care to join me?