Read (or listen) through the bible

A new year brings a new or continuing challenge and that is to read through the bible. Each year I do this a different theme seems to emerge in my awareness. One year it was God's majesty, another year God's power, another year was man's (me) sin, and so on. To give variety I have tried various versions of the bible. I love being refreshed by the whole counsel of God each year. Last year I listened to the bible and plan to do so again this year. The internet makes getting to various reading plans so easy. In fact, one of my favorite offerings is from a site called They have aggregated 20 different reading plans that you can use, and they are all FREE! Check these out here. As I mentioned I like listening to the bible and YouVersion has various audio programs as well, so you can look at them while you are there checking out the reading programs. has also made available  reading programs and various audio bibles. Join me (and 10's of thousands of other Christ followers I trust) as we journey through the bible this year.