Did you Know?

It seems everywhere you turn various news outlets are summarizing what happen this past year. We can hear from how much music we downloaded to the most popular movie we watched to how much ice cream we ate. I enjoy many of these reports. I thought you might like to hear a report about our ministry that my team created for our staff. Since it was made for our staff there are some terms that need defining. Let me briefly do that and then you can enjoy the slides.

  • City Focus: We identified the 100 cities with largest numbers of students and are targeting them with our resources and strategies.
  • ES.com: That is not an actual address, but an abbreviation for our real site with the real address of www.everystudent.com. It is an evangelistic website that enables people to explore the person of Christ and learn how they can know Him too.
  • ESM: Those letters stand for Ethnic Student Ministries. Internal it is what we call our group of contextualized strategies to reach out to students of specific ethnic origins.
  • Nations: Is one of our ethnic strategies who's focus is reaching students with Native American origins.
  • Bridges: Bridges International is the full name of our strategy to reach out to foreign exchange students.
  • ICS: This is what we call staff who have an extended assignment overseas. The full name is International Campus Staff.
  • Big Break: Is a conference we host during the spring break period (the last part of April through March). It is in Panama City Beach, Florida (Big-Break.com).
  • WSN: Is our strategy that is focused on sending staff and student resources to overseas locations to open up movements on various campuses. The long name is Worldwide Student Network.
  • Asia Imapact: Is what we call our strategy to reach out to various people groups in Asia.
  • Destino: Is another ethnic strategy that seeks to reach latino or hispanic students.

There may have been a couple of other terms used that went right by me, but I tried to cover most of them. I hope you are encouraged by this report. You are part of what made up this report. Lisa and I continue to thank God for you.

Merry Christmas!

Oops it turns out the file is too large for me to post here, but I can link you to where we have it posted at our Campus Crusade for Christ site on the web. Here is the link to that (click here).