I am not the best money manager. Lisa and I participated in a Crown class a few years ago. It was a life changing experience. It was only a beginning, however. I volunteered to facilitate four more Crown classes since that time. In part I wanted to pass on what I experienced. Another part was that I really wanted to be part of the vision of Crown. However, I will admit my greatest motivation was that I wanted to become even better at all the personal finance skills. A year ago I went through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, again because I wanted get better. Hey when you were as poor at it as I was you can learn a lot, and there has been plenty of room to grow. I can coach people in personal finance now, but I will admit that I still have more to apply. Dave Ramsey says that money is active and you have to watch it for it is always moving. Staying on top of that movement still challenges me. We have had a couple of years of our best funding, but starting in July there was a shift. Then in October we received our first short paycheck in 2 1/5 years. That was a wake up call. I had become lax and did not recognize the changes and challenges this current economy is bringing to all of us. Since October we have not had a full paycheck, and I will admit that there is a building anxiety in me. This graph of our net income over time says plenty.


The 6th chapter of Matthew has always been dear to me, and I am often thinking about it as we face these challenging times. Verses 19 and following to the end of the chapter is a frequent meditation for me. Pray for me that God would focus my faith on him and grow what little faith I have into something that truly glorifies Him.

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Thank you to all reading this. I know Lisa would agree that we covet your prayers and we are glad that we are in this with you and not alone by ourselves.