Can we video conference?

This week was blacked out for all our national leaders within the Campus Ministry. We had reserved this time for leaders to meet and talk about our status in our respective roles and look for ways we can advance our position in our mission to reach students and faculty. We do this three times a year and normally we travel so that we can connect in person. However, the Operations and Fund Development leaders decided to try and leverage newer technologies to see what we might accomplish using online video and audio conferencing tools. On our first day it took 30 minutes to help everyone get connected. The audio and video ebbed and flowed in terms of quality. It was a bit challenging. We also discovered it takes a new level of concentration and determination to stay engaged throughout the meeting. The second day was quite a bit better while the third day we struggled a bit. All in all we do see the potential of leveraging these tools. They will not totally replace travel, in fact I think it will only trim it a little, but I think it will greatly increase our communication and the frequency in which we connect. It just becomes more affordable to do so. I am glad we did it. I will include a couple of pictures of our meeting in action. 0912_ops_230.0912_ops_2340912_ops_231