We saved a little money on this flight, but we paid in our time. Our flight from Orlando had two stops in it and not the customary one or better a direct flight. We stopped in St. Louis and Chicago before touching down in Salt Laje City. It made for a long day especialy as we waited in Chicago for some sort of paper work. While in St. Louis we picked up a little guy, 8 years old, who was traveling to SLC to visit his grandparents. We had seats right by the entry way of the plane so we could hear the airline personel read his paperwork and assume care for the little traveler. Keegan and I decide we would be curious and so we asked how he was doing making this trip solo. He shared that he was nervious. We invited him to sit with us and the airline personnel seemed grateful we spoke up. We found out his name was Madison. Keegan and I looked at one another smiled and then I turned back to him and said we love that name. It was great reaching out to Madison. I love as Christ followers one of our roles as we spend time with others is to be explorers and see if we can learn and perhaps join in with others on their spiritual journies.

We are not sure exactly where Madison stands, but we enjoyed exploring a little into his world and letting him enter ours a little too. I hope you will get lots of opportunies to do the same in the weeks ahead.

Here is a picture of the three of us somewhere at 35,000 feet.