I am just like them

I am at Joshua 21 today in my listening of the bible through the year. I noted in this chapter that God had promised the nation of Israel all this land and in this chapter it says that God had fulfilled all his promises. Every thing God said He would do He did. But, Israel still had not claimed all of the land. They were successful everywhere they did claim it and they were enjoying peace from all their enemies, but there was more of what God promised to possess and it remained unclaimed. It made me think how my life parallels the nation of Israel. I think of what God has promised me and yet I fail to claim it. I asked the Lord to show me why. I wrote down five barriers I encounter in possessing all that God has for me.

One is unbelief. In my head I can say that I believe, but in my practice there is no expression of faith. Two, is fear. I actually fear possessing what God has promised. Perhaps because of the extra responsibility it will require or maybe I fear that I will fail to possess it. It may be tied to my other three excuses. That is comfort. I love it. I don't want to disturb it and laying hold of God's promises often requires a shift in something. I am ashamed to say that I often love comfort more than what God has promised. Then there is laziness. It is related to comfort and I experience shame with it too. Laziness is characterized by a lack of effort or even care. I know there are times I am only thinking of now and an eternal perspective is not part of the picture. The last one is ignorance. I simply do not know what God has promised. It could be that I have not listened or taken the time to listen. All of these make up my barriers to laying hold of God's promises. What about you?

I trust you can see a prayer in there for me. By faith thank you for joining me in my prayer to move toward God and his promises.

Note that he has promised salvation to anyone that would lay hold and claim it. See His story and His promise here if you want to begin to possess the abundant life for which He has promised you and me.