Day with the Lord

I blocked today out to spend with the Lord. I did that some time in April. However, I surfaced from Memorial Day weekend with no recall that today would be spent differently. In fact, I went through all the motions I would normally do in a day today. I walked into the office and it was my friends that reminded me today was my day to be with the Lord. I put it into our team calendar in April too. One friend even volunteered that he had prayed for me this morning. Duh. I felt sort of dumb, and for a moment I tittered on just jumping into a lengthly To Do list. However, even though I am pressed to get a lot of done before Lisa, the kids and me must transition to our summer assignment in Colorado this summer, and the fact there is not another day to do this, and because I blocked out this day for the purpose of meeting with the Lord and it is free of meetings, I can't let this time pass. So I regrouped and headed up to our prayer center. Here I am sitting before a map of the world with the verse we warmly refer to as the Great Commission from Matthew's gospel (Matthew 28:18-20). What am I going to do? Well that's just it. I am not here for me. I don't have to program this day. I want to soak up time with him. So I am listening, worshipping, journalling, reading, sitting, walking and just being quiet. I hope He is smiling, I know I am.