Update on Lisa's MUA

The three days of treatments are over. After each treatment Lisa made remarks of how well she was handled by the staff and doctors. They were all unusually attentive, tender, and caring. They in turn felt that Lisa was a good patient and they expressed they had good results in Lisa's treatments. After the first treatment Lisa simply felt good. One of her first comments was that she could not remember being able to move her neck so freely since she was a young girl. After the second treatment she noticed she was quite sore. After the third treatment Lisa slept and much more soreness set in, and by the evening she was very uncomfortable. Monday came and Lisa felt so sore that she said it feels like the flu with her entire body aching. Now it is Tuesday and although Lisa is up on her feet she is very sore. Sitting for long periods of time is very uncomfortable. I expect she will need a long nap today.

When she fully recovers she will have some ongoing physical therapy to continue to leverage gains made through the manipulation. So far everything is very positive and we are hopeful.

Thank you for your prayers. We enjoyed friends bringing some meals by and I (Dennis) really appreciated that. We will continue to report on Lisa's progress as we now move to the second part of this journey.

Thanks again. We love and appreciate you.