Lisa's MUA Today!

Lisa is just about ready to leave for her first of three MUA treatments. MUA is short for manipulation under anesthesia. The the Osteopath who will work on Lisa described the process as mostly stretching, however, when the patient is sedated there is little to no resistance. The doctor has worked with Lisa for about six years and feels that this procedure may really help Lisa. Lisa struggles with fibro-myalgia and bulging and now herniated disks in her spine. Even a nights rest is a challenge. So it is our hope that God may choose to use this treatment and the physical therapy afterwards to right problems in her spine, release daily tension she experiences in her neck region, reduce and even eliminate pain, and foster true rest when she sleeps.

Today is one of three treatments. She will have this one today, one tomorrow and the last one on Sunday. Would you join us in praying that God will use this to promote healing in Lisa's body? Thank you.