NYC Entry 2

Friday, April 18th, 2009 We began our Friday acquiring tickets for the musical, Mary Poppins. Relieved to have tickets in hand, we began walking from 42nd street to 34th street, stopping for a wonderful lunch en route. Walking up 34th street among thousands of other people, past Macy’s, H&M (a clothing store that makes me drool), was exciting. By 1:00, we’d arrived at the Empire State Building where we met up with a friend, Sharon Denney, who works at CCC’s Kings College in the basement of the ESB. We toured the college, wondering if Madison might gain a vision for attending there one day (she didn’t seem moved--13 is young to be entertaining all of that) then were escorted to the front of a very long ticket line by one of the Kings College students who had a tenant pass. We were able to buy tickets for half price and surpass about 2-3 hours of lines to go to the 86th floor to the overlook of the Big Apple. Madison was captivated as was I. Judy had been before, however we were all captured by the clarity and warmth of the day....25 miles of visibility.

Leaving the ESB late in the afternoon, we hung out at Starbucks for a while to rest and refresh then headed to H&M, much to Madison’s chagrin. Judy and I worked hard for 60 minutes to conquer all three stories, feeling Madison’s desire to leave. She didn’t care for any of the styles in the store and wasn’t in the mood to shop. Our flesh, however, would not be hindered. It was a blast of a pit stop for Judy and me.

Closing out our day, we headed to the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), which Madison was totally excited to see. We spent 45 minutes in a line to check our bags/backpacks, thinking it was mandatory, only to discover it wasn’t when we finally inched to the front of the line. Finally we made our way into the galleries and enjoyed Picasso, VanGogh, Klimpt, Degas and many other works of artists we’d learned about throughout our lives. Madison loved the Picassos, Judy and I the impressionists. The joke of the night was walking through the Paper gallery. One of the pieces of “art” was a pile of torn of pieces of paper. It was ridiculous!!! That was the joke floor of the night for us. I’m not sure how people really take that gallery seriously.

Exhausted and still needing to eat dinner, we headed back to LeighAnn’s apt. and ate dinner at a diner near her apt. OK, New York has redefined diner for me. Amazing food. From Greek to pancakes, you can get anything you want and it’s all really good. It was 10:30 before we left the diner and were invited to hang out with Deb and Larry Christensen on the balcony of their penthouse apt. on the 33rd floor overlooking the city. LeighAnn, Madison and I headed over there and hung out until my dad arrived around 11:30 from Cooperstown to spend the rest of the weekend with us:) He finally arrived after 6 hours of travel and much gnashing of teeth the final two as he navigated New York highways.