NYC Entry

Thursday, April 17th, 2009 Well, it’s just Lisa today since Madison is still “out” this morning....that would mean sleeping. We’re not sparing an opportunity to see or do everything we possibly are able to do here in NYC. Two days ago Madison and I walked around the World Trade Center site, which was an adventure in and of itself trying to navigate around all of the construction blocks due to their  rebuilding on the site. We did finally arrive at the Memorial which was sobering and Madison learned a little history about the towers coming down and terrorism. Slowly but surely, we navigated the subway system and made our way to Canal Street, the famed shopping spot for all things fabricated. Madison really dug this street. As we sauntered east on Canal St., we were constantly “invited” to walk down dark alleys through secret doors to negotiate Louis Vuitton and Dooney and Burke knock-off handbags. I wasn’t courageous enough to follow as I didn’t want one of their knock-offs...I’m content with my orange leather bag from Italy. However, Madison, my normally reserved child, really wanted to experience the adventure of secret doors and passageways...we might have to return to Canal St. and feign interest so she is satiated.

Canal took us into Chinatown where we devoured a wonderful Chinese lunch before heading to Little Italy, not wanting to miss any cross-cultural experience. The canoli in Little Italy was irresistible to Madison so we indulged in that yumminess. After hours of walking the streets, we journeyed through Soho en route to meet up with Judy and LeighAnn, who had spent the morning in the studio audience of The View.  We visited the studios of LeighAnn’s friends throughout the afternoon and early and paint.  She has talented friends in places of great influence and it was so cool to get a behind the scenes peek.

We headed to Times Square early evening to purchase Wicked musical tickets for Saturday night...the entire weekend was sold out. This was the only disappointment of our 4 days in the city. Exhausted by 8 pm, we headed home on the subway, picked up dinner on the way, and dropped in front of the tv to watch Les Miserable (the movie).

Lisa out.