Madison, Lisa and Judy (really sweet friend) to NYC

On April 15, Madison and Lisa launched into their long-awaited excursion to the Big Apple. Dennis and Lisa desired to set apart their kids' 13th year of life as a rite of passage year, marking it with significant events. This trip is one of them. When considering where to take Madison for her big trip with momma, Lisa thought, "Madison's a talented budding artist who loves's a no brainer." Madison was elated at the news. One of our dear friend's, Judy Nelson, wanted to go with them, which only compounds the pleasure. Though Madison's actual birthday was January 8th, they waited till Spring had sprung in NYC. They decided to write a joint journal entry while on the plane yesterday and will write daily throughout their adventure. They alternate lines...though Madison cheated and hogged two lines at one point during the entry. Glad you're along for the ride! This is Lisa. This is Madison. We are on our way to New York City today. We’re going to meet up with Judy when we get to the airport in NYC. I began my day bright and early this morning because I didn’t have a chance to pack before this today. But I’m amazing because I did pack last night. Yep, she’s I finished packing the minute we flew out the door for the airport, of course. Since I packed last night before I went to bed, I was able to sleep in this morning. Nothing new for princess girl. Except that I was on the other side of the bed when I woke up. That was weird...I came in your room to wake you and couldn’t find you for a split second b/c you weren’t in your usual spot....did you have a visitor last night while you were sleeping??? Not that I know of.....all I know is I was on the wrong side of the bed. Must be nice having so many sides of the bed to choose from, Princess Girl...kinda like this business class seat you’re hanging out in on the plane ride up there? Yep, I like this seat a lot, way better than coach. That’s for sure. I just looked out the window and the clouds look like big mounds of snow, sort of. It is a beautiful sky....and how bout that second lunch we enjoyed? It was AWESOME!!! It was larger than some of the lunches I have at home. MMMMMM, cobb salad and turkey sandwiches with a killer caramel pecan fudge brownie thanks to dancingdeer baking co. That brownie was really good and so was the sandwich. Just a foretaste of the yumminess to come over the next 4 days! COOL!!!! I’m sure glad you finally turned 13 so I could take you on this trip of a lifetime:) I’m really excited to see Wicked or what ever else is open. Me too as well as wandering around the city for hours on end, taking in the culture and food and sights. And maybe going to the Statue of Liberty’s island. Definitely...can’t leave the Big Apple without a formal greeting of the green lady. She wasn’t originally green though. What was her original color? I think it was bronze, but they couldn’t keep cleaning her for forever so she turned GREEN. You are the smart one...gotta love foundations. Yep, I’m also the smart one on Virus Busters:D. Yes, what would life be like without my braniac daughter and her Nintendo DS? Dead. Well, we’re about 30 minutes away so we’ll wind down this entry, but catch you once we get into the BIG Apple.


Momma and Madison Out.