Claim it, own it.

I am enjoying listening to the bible. I started at the beginning of the year and listened to Numbers 34 today. I use a combination of web tools in my devotion. I use YouVersions reading plan. I like BibleGateway's audio bibles and when I want to dig deeper BlueLetterBible is useful. Anyway back to today's listening. I heard today the description of the borders of the land promised to Abraham, and was now deeded to the Israelites. Everything within the boarders was theirs with only one catch. They had to go into the land and claim it. They had to posses it; become owners of it.

God has made many promises to me that just wait to be claimed, possessed and owned. What a huge encouragement. It makes me want to know more what he has promised, but it also sobers me too. Laying claim to some of these promises can take a while to get my arms around, and even holding on to them can be a challenge. However, I don't want to miss out on what He desires for me so I believe He can help me even in claiming, possessing and owning His promises.

Yes Lord help me say, "Yes" and help me move to claim, possess and own your promises for me.