I want to be like Mary

Holly week was full of meditation and reflection for me this year. We managed to view The Gospel of John , which is incredibly good (a must see) and then on Friday we saw The Passion of the Christ. We even participated in a Tenebrae service at our church. It was beautiful. However, one of the most meaningful parts of the week for me was a portion of our pastor's sermon on Easter morning. His text was John 20:1-18. In particular verse 14. Mary Magdalene sees the two angels in the tomb and even speaks to them, but she TURNS away! Our pastor noted this and rightly asked the question, "Who does that?" If you or I were to see an angel in their glory how would we turn away? However, it was noted that Mary was not looking for angels, but her Lord. Only the Lord would satisfy. For me this was a terrific thought. I long for my heart to only want Jesus. Father please make this so! I hope your Easter brought you closer to our Lord. He is risen!