Imagine Your Impact

Imagine Your Impact Web Site  Imagine Your Impact Web Site

After our 10 winter conferences concluded, reports began to flow into our office. It was a delight to hear that recruiting efforts to expose students to opportunities to serve operationally enjoyed favor among our students. Nine of the ten conferences reported at least twice the number of students coming to breakout sessions to hear about operational opportunities than in past years. There were some great efforts to communicate to students this year, and three of those were a video, a printed plug for our web site, and our web site called Imagine Your Impact that our team, theLAB, was able to create for our mission. You can take a look at the web site and the movie by clicking here.

Another result worth noting is that our Preview Weekend, a recruiting venue where we invite students to fly to Orlando to see firsthand what some of the roles and work are within our mission, has almost tripled in anticipated attendance since last year. Last year we barely filled 40 seats for this event. This year we have had more than 100 applicants for the 40 spots we have to offer.

We think this is pretty cool. We are glad we had a chance to play a part.