What is Essentials? A Bible study series that focuses on experience, stories and discussion to learn and apply Biblical truth. It's created for postmodern, secondary oral learners (those who can read but do not prefer to learn by reading.) The content is divided into two parts: the first 12 sessions establish Christians in the faith and the second 12 sessions deepen their relationships with God. Essentials is an evangelism and discipleship strategy as group members become group leaders and start new groups in their own relational network.

Enter theLAB

These studies have been a collaborative effort with our president Dr. Steve Douglas. I have taught one with our kids and it was really fun. However, there is a problem with what is available today. We describe the problem this way:

Sessions are simple to lead, but the format of the Leader's Guide is difficult to understand, navigate and access. The problematic half-sheet Student Mini-Journal is not optimized for leader or student. The bland format diminishes from the high-quality content and has a weak market appeal. 

So this problem is defined and now we work at coming up with a solution. In this case we wanted to create a brand, simplify the preparation and execution of the study, create a "dashboard" that will help them stay organized, and provide a mini-journal for the participant. Here is how we stated the solution we created:

The simplicity of preparing and leading Essentials Sessions is now matched by a design that makes the content easy to understand, navigate and access. The Dashboard affords the leader a big-picture view of Essentials and leverages the power of PDF with embedded links to all content. Optimized for both leader and student, the new flexible and easy-to-produce Student Mini-Journal card has a higher perceived value than the problematic half-sheet format. And, we've moved from "bland" to "Brand!" A fresh look and feel unifies the content and adds credibility, marketability and consistency to all adaptations of the tool.

The studies are very cool. There are 24 in total at this point. We have finished four of them. 

Beta Version of the PDF for Essentials