Back to our Mission

What an amazing week I had with our staff and Short Term International staff (STINT’ers). They are probably the most adventurous group of people one could ever have the privilege to be around. They are so bold, confident and courageous. Their passion is to take the gospel to those who have not heard. Some of them work in very spiritual challenging places and yet that seems to draw and not repel them. It was refreshing to meet with such kingdom minded people.  The conference has ended and it is time to go home. They will leave for their respective countries in Western Europe and North Africa. I will return to Orlando. They will be looking for individuals to hear the Good News, and I will continue to seek for ways that we can help them be confident, competent and grow in their capacity fulfilling their roles. 

Father, thank you for this week. What an amazing family of which You have allowed me to be part. Bless these friends. Give them favor in the countries You have chosen for them to serve. May Your kingdom come in their lives and through their lives. Amen.