STINT Mid-Year Conference, Spain

It was September when this group was last assembled. They were just starting their journey into the overseas mission field. There were over 300 gathered in Colorado preparing for what we call their first or perhaps second year of STINT (Short-Term International project) then. Some went to Asia while this group was assigned to Western and Eastern Europe and Northern Africa. Now they are back together in what we call our STINT mid-year conference. There are about 140 STINTers present. In addition to the STINTers there are about 35 International Campus Staff (ICS) here as well. The intent of the conference is to refresh and provide some much needed space for them to meet with the Lord.  The few days that we are together are made up of meals together, worship, teaching from the bible, coaching groups, and time alone to reflect. The setting is Narja, Spain which is right on the southern coast of Spain. It is beautiful here, but very cold (at least for this Floridian). 

I am here to better understand the ministry and life of our ICS. Back in Orlando I sit on a leadership team mandated to consider the care and development of our staff. We want to send them freely to work in the international mission, but we don’t want to abandon them to fend for themselves. So my team works with regional coordinators and country partners to care and develop these wonderful staff.

We are three days into our meetings. Tomorrow we get to do an excursion day. Saturday will be our last day together and then Sunday we part to return to our assignments in this mission. The time has already refreshed me through the stories of people coming to Christ all over Europe and Northern Africa. Aslan is on the move!


Nearly 200 gather to worship


STINT and Staff worship their Lord