No More Braces (at least for a while)

  My teeth feel so smooth

Today Keegan had his braces removed. It was a great milestone for him. Problems with this teeth started when on Labor Day when we had just moved into our new home. I was setting up Cole's crib and the mattress was lying on the floor. Keegan, always the helpful one, was in there with me and thought it was so fun for me to push him making him fall onto the mattress. We must have done it ten times and then while reading the directions to set the crib up Keegan begged me to push him again. I did, but with the back of my hand and Keegan instead of falling backwards bent his knees and went downward and then back. His mouth went right by my ring finger and his front tooth caught on my wedding ring and out the tooth came. We took off for the dentist, after finding one open on Labor Day, and sought what we could do about the hole created by the missing tooth. It turns out it was best not to do anything, so Keegan was toothless for a few years. Without that tooth to press against the new tooth, the new tooth did not come in just right and sort of created a buck tooth type of thing. As Keegan matured he became self conscious of this. So today we all are glad that it is fixed! However, the orthodontist informed us that we have to do braces again later when more teeth come in to finish the process, but for now Keegan is sporting a nice smile and he loves the smooth feel of his teeth.