A Prayer for our Partners

I am a bit sheepish about my efforts to keep blogging. I am not a natural writer so this is a real challenge. However, God put on my heart a desire to connect with those whom we partner in ministry with and a blog for now is the medium in which it makes that practical.  In my devotions this morning I was thinking of our wonderful friends who give through our lives and mission. This was my prayer for them,

I pray for our partners. Bless them in ways that bring lasting fulfillment. Note their participation in your mission and reward them. Give hope and faith to those that are struggling with the worldly pressures. Protect them and provide for them.

If you are one of our partners and would like Lisa and I to pray more specifically for you please send us a message. You can always do that through our web site (blog) or use one of the other wonderful communications tools at your disposal (phone, email, text message, come for a visit, etc. :)). 

Lisa, the kids and I love and appreciate you. Thank you.