Ten No More

It is a joy to have Keegan a part of our lives. On Tuesday he turned eleven and we celebrated with waffles for breakfast. Keegan in a our standard barrier. He is super responsible and a very hard worker. He helps me with the lawn regularly and a number of chores inside our home as well. He is playful and loves to learn informally. That is to say he peppers you with questions throughout the day. Formal learning is a learned discipline for Keegan and that is still developing. A year ago Keegan decided that he wanted a camera like dad's. He begin baking things for me to take to work and put out for sale. He is always looking for something "extra" he can do around the house to earn some money, and he is very disciplined with any gifts he receives. So in the last 12 months he saved enough money to buy a very nice used camera which we ordered this week, and now is suppose to arrive today! Amazing for a ten year old who is now eleven.

Here are few pictures of Keegan Tuesday morning enjoying waffles and a few presents.