school already

The homeschool train is coming around the corner. I hear it on the tracks and I wish I could stop the train. More than any of the six years I've home educated, I'm not ready to begin the school year. This is the time of year when sending my kids to school would be so much easier. I've asked friends what math and language arts programs their kids are using in their schools and they don't know. After six years into this journey, I don't have a paradigm for not knowing my kids' curriculum. I am the one who researches them, chooses them for each child, and hopes and prays that they will work for each child. I don't judge those I talk with who don't have a clue about curriculum. Truthfully, I'm filled with a little bit of envy that education could be so carefree. So...I think I need to remind myself why we're choosing this path. Perhaps it will motivate me to choose and order curriculum and move toward beginning a new year. Relationship...the kids with each other and with me. They look inward to the family for their primary relational support. What a concept. They are best friends and actually think I know what I'm talking about once in a while.

Quality of education...can't beat the timeliness of having a private tutor vs. hours sitting in a classroom waiting for the teacher to bring the slowest children up to speed. Freedom to move at our own pace, which usually means a year ahead of where they'd be in a traditional school.

Freedom to worship...God, that is. We get to read the Bible and wrestle over the existence of God rather than assume he's dead and forbidden to speak his name in the classroom.

Love for learning...the gift of teaching to each child's learning style rather than demanding they learn the same way as the rest of the class. It's challenging for me, but a gift to them worth the research. Learning never starts at a building down the street and stops when they leave the building. 

I'm too tired to state more reasons. I think these are enough to remind me of why I will do this another year. I definitely need something to motivate me amidst my fatigue and longing for fewer demands upon me.  The trains a comin' whether I like it or not.