summer work

A LAB look I wrote this post on our team blog. In part I wanted to address any wrongful notion that during the summers we coast. However, I also wanted to affirm my talented and hard working team with the message that we, as a team, are making things happen. We are fulfilling our role to create media and technology solutions and it feels good. Here is what I wrote to my team:

It really is fun to watch all that is happening right now. Who said summer is a down time? This summer has been very busy. Here is a list off the top of my head that we have been working on:

  • Summer Projects Hooray video
  • Summer Project Project Yourself (this has run into a snag in that the programming team, FatCat, is now saying they can't deliver. Yikes! Ask the Lord what you should ask of Him regarding this.)
  • Summer Project Web site
  • Summer Project I/I video (Gary is shooting in Israel right now!)
  • Summer Project Sticker (that was delivered at the beginning of summer)
  • Behind the Scenes video for the work of the Global Film Network shot in Austin, Texas
  • Behind the Scenes video for shooting the Hooray video
  • Tsunami story in Thailand captured (SimpleBulldog returned at the end of June from recording stories of relief efforts by our ministry in Thailand.)
  • Conference Registration System (CRS)
  • System Management Server (Jarvis can now through automation setup a PC computer with Vista)
  • The Slice survey data reports (Yvonne and Shawna, with out the help of Anna this go around, got these out on time)
  • Campus Help Center (Eddie is keeping the tickets cleared [Tina filled in for him while he did his tour this summer. She is really, really, really glad he is back!])
  • Back2School Web page
  • involvement portal
  • site (hey you are looking at it right now)
  • Essentials materials/presentation
  • Hardware acquisitions (Steve Van Eerden is putting an Apple order of more than 20 computers, and Eddie will be putting in an order for PC's for LH Stinters, Interns, and New Staff joining us in the NCO)
  • Our finances (which are always changing) are attended
  • The Wiki enjoys ongoing management (as does 9 other web tools)
  • Initiated discussions about our mail server system with ITG and CCCi
  • Gathering statistical data regarding computing platforms in use that could or should influence future decisions
  • Testing of various ways to use TnT MPD with a Mac
  • Creation of a New Staff Technology page on the Wiki that instructions them in the use of various tools
  • God@WorkPostcards from the Field weekly updates on the Staff Site
  • Several LAB members did two weeks of IBS
  • I trust ALL LAB members are working on MPD
Even in this list I have missed work that is happening. This is just what I can remember without looking at notes or logs (I think I have a little too much going on in my head). Really if any one of us had that list of work to do we would be sunk, but it is all happening as we work together as a team.