Over several months the development of what we are calling an “involvement portal” has been underway. It is a social community with a purpose. That purpose is to connect those leaving the campus and making a transition to the marketplace, but these graduates are wanting to stay engaged in the same missional principles they experienced on campus in their new work place world. You could say their new calling. It is a large undertaking as it has a number of similarities to the popular FaceBook. 

Dennis was in meetings yesterday where he and others from our ministry met with the firm tasked with coding this web space. We are at the place where we need to hook up their work with our web world. You would not believe all the acronyms used in one meeting as we discussed how to connect the parts.

There will be a beta release of the site slated for August 11th. The goal is to get 400 beta users to kick the tires of the new site and help us ferret out all the bugs. We will say more about this in the weeks to come.