summer project 2009?

Most of us are holding on to this summer, wishing that it would not pass too quickly. I know that is true for us. As a ministry we have nearly 3,000 staff and students on mission project around the world on what we call summer projects. We are hearing some great stories like this one from Asia:

Greetings from AsiaJessica, a junior from Arizona State University met a girl we will call Flower. They quickly became friends and Jessica began to share Jesus with her. Flower was so interested as Jessica told her the story of Jesus and the redemption that he brings. She asked many questions about God, the Bible and Jesus. After an hour or so, Flower decided to give her life to Christ. After they prayed and talked some more about following Jesus, Flower told Jessica something our team will never forget!

Flower said that about a month ago she had a dream that a foreigner would come to her University to give her a message that was very important. In her dream she knew that she was supposed to listen to the foreigner. The last time foreigners were at her campus was 2 years ago, and this is not “tourist-country”. So then we showed up! Flower told her that now she knew that the foreigner in her dream was Jessica and the important message was the message of Jesus!

Shaun Grindle - Arizona State University

This is so encouraging because we are already working on next summer's projects. We are putting together a promotional package that will include a sticker (so students can remember the website), several videos that describe and promote summer projects, a web fun toy we are calling project yourself (remember at Christmas where you could Elf yourself), brochure and website. Summer Projects are some of the best things we do with students and they provide a growth environment that super charges the discipleship process in our student's lives. We will finish up on the "package" in September and movements all over will begin introducing to their students to another way they can invest and leverage their summers to make an eternal difference in their lives and the world around them. Here is the sticker. Note that the website will not go "live" until September. 

Summer Project Sticker