new staff training

NST Technology Briefing There are 160 people studying at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida preparing to be part of our staff. We call it New Staff Training (NST). They do a mix of things as they enter into our mission. They take seminary courses, receive training on ministry partner development (fund and friend raising), and they get a lot of organizational orientation. It spans just over six weeks. It is fun and it is a lot of work.

It was my privilege to speak to 120 of this group who have been assigned to work with the Student Ministries (Campus). We say student ministries for organizationally we have consolidated our junior and senior high ministries (Student Venture) and our faculty and grad ministries (Faculty Commons) all under the Campus umbrella. I did what we called a technology briefing. I covered some of the technical tools we use, and that they will now use in our mission.

As I was introduced the emcee asked me how long I had been on our staff. "This is my 26th year," I replied. Wow, that must have sounded really long to these new friends just joining us. It felt long to me. So when I got in front of them I felt like I should say why I joined our staff and why I continue to serve in this mission. One of the things I mentioned is that I stay in the mission because God's commission to reach the world with the gospel has not changed. There is no revision to his commission. So I stay. Another thing I mentioned is that students are one of the most strategic audiences to reach with the gospel. That has not changed. There are other ministries including some that are part of Campus Crusade for Christ that reach more people with the gospel and see more decisions of people putting their faith in Jesus Christ than our student ministries, and yet there is something very powerful, strategic, and full of potential when students choose to follow Christ. They have been and continue to be our future leaders in our world. They potentially will influence hundreds if not thousands with the faith they take into the world. So I stay. I remain hopeful, excited, proud, and grateful to continue to serve in this mission.

It was a privilege to welcome this group to serve among us in this mission. I will also add that is an honor to serve in partnership with those that support us, enabling Lisa and I to focus our efforts in reaching students with the gospel. Thank you to all who choose to extend their ministries through ours through their giving, praying, and friendship.