camp geneva

Last Thursday, we picked up the boys from their first camp experience ever. We dropped them off the previous Sunday, so we were excited to see how they did. Here are pictures of the guys when we dropped them off. Keegan @ Camp GenevaCole @ Camp Geneva

Okay, Thursday comes along and Lisa and I are both excited to learn how the guys experienced the week. To our delight, they had a blast. As you can imagine they had a bunch of stories to tell about activities, food (missed momma's cookin') and friends they had made. It was great to hear all of that. We especially enjoyed hearing how the guys experienced the theme of Camp Geneva, which was "Believe". They had covered several incredible stories found in the bible where men and women believed God, and as a result amazing things happened. They had their camp song, which was Steven Curtis Chapman's Great Expectations, that helped carry the theme through the week. It was fun to hear Keegan say that his group had added a line in the chorus to this song. When it came to singing the chorus, "Believe the unbelievable" they added the line, "As many times as you want." This is one of those "you had to be there" type of things to fully appreicate it, but it was fun to hear the campers belt this out during the chorus and it demonstrated a pretty good applications to what they had learned that week.

(Lisa adds) My highlight of our reunion aside from the kisses and hugs was a comment Keegan made in the car on the way home. "Mom, I can't believe it! I've been asking you to get me books about war for all these years....Duh! The Bible!" Dennis turned to me and whispered, "Now that's an answer to prayer." Love how God just slips in the side door sometimes.

So what did the guys LOOK like after a week away. Here are a couple of shots. They were in good shape although I don't think they had combed their hair for a while. :)

Keegan with spiked hairCole\'s camp style doo.