ssd applied

Father\'s Day It has been both a pleasure and a challenge to return to work this week after the week in Larry Crabb's Spiritual School of Direction. It was a pleasure to return to the mission I love, and where I still (even after 25 years) feel God's pleasure to serve in helping to fulfill the Great Commission. It is my joy to work with such talented, committed and just plain wonderful colleagues. Having them ask me how my week went felt good to be missed, and to have others curious about my experience made it fun to tell what I could. All of that is easy to enjoy.

I was challenged, however, to fully describe my experience. Words don't come easy to explain what all happen in me as a result of the week. I have said that the week created much needed space in me for God to enter in and be present. I saw more mess in me than I recognized before, but I also saw more beauty in God specifically, how he pursues me and continually invites me to dance with Him, and really the Trinity. It is difficult to describe fully, but it was and is a work in progress.

As I have returned I have already had the opportunity to apply some of what I have learned as I caught up with various team members and heard of their journey's through last week. It really is a privilege to serve them and to serve with them.

I hope your week has been one where you have moved more toward our Father. The joy in this is that he says that he will move toward us too (James 4:8).