the cove, NC - ssd

We are now into our third day learning more and more about spiritual direction. It is not just class work, however. We meet with fellow learners each day in what NewWay Ministries calls Triads where we practice some of what we are learning. Let me say at this point I have never felt so explored or exposed. It really is good to be known. Learning to be curious about each other and listening to one another is very life giving. However, that is not the point, but how we can move toward God (hopefully together) as our greatest treasure is. Direction comes from listening and understanding one another and then pointing one another toward the Lord.

We are still in learning mode so there is more to come. When we are not learning which is a very small part of the day I am trying to squeeze out and walk.

Yesterday I was able to get out of the classroom and I headed back down to the chapel to see if I could get some pictures of the chapel from the outside now that we had some sunny weather. I found it challenging to get a clear shot of the chapel due to all the trees. Boy are there a lot of tree heres (says the Floridian).

I found on my way to the chapel (a good 25 minute walk), all kinds of bible verses preserved on plaques on the trail. It proved to be a contemplative walk with much encouragement from all these verses posted throughout the trail system here at the Cove.