spiritual school of direction [ssd]

SSD Banner [http://www.newwayministries.org/ssd.php] It is my privilege this week to be in Asheville, North Carolina participating in Larry Crabb's Spiritual School of Direction at the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove. The physical environment is beautiful. So is the spiritual climate. There are 30 "students" here gearing up to take up the challenge of absorbing a great amount of content. We also will be putting what we can in action as a part of groups Larry is calling triads where three of us verbally process our journey through the material. My group has four in it, and I guess it is an exception.

We just did our introduction to the week tonight and it should prove to be quite a week. My hope is that I will walk away closer to God, and with new experiences and knowledge that will effect my marriage, my family, my friends and my team.

In addition to that I hope I can make some great images as well (photos that is). I will keep you posted. :)