lisa sings!

Bravehearts Karaoke

Last night the Bravehearts stretched out of their comfort zones in ways not known to them before. We were celebrating Robin’s birthday so she got to choose the activities for the evening. Normally we will go to dinner, which we did, but it was our after-dinner activity which set this evening apart from all the rest.
I drove into the strip mall on Curry Ford Road, parked my car and was shocked to hear a man’s voice over a loudspeaker projecting through the parking lot. Within seconds, I realized my fate...anything I sang would be heard not only by those inside the karaoke cafe, but passersby as well. Everything in me wanted to drive away. I would have if it weren’t for the day of Robin’s birth.
Jamie and I walked toward Studio Cafe, the six other Bravehearts inside beckoning us inward. The second shock of the night was that the male voice I heard booming outside, was coming from a woman. A very large woman who also resembled a man. It was classic. Our karaoke cohorts for the night were a handful of men, some harley types, some pierced cowboy rockers, a guy who sang Journey like an American idol, some tattoo laden and women, a very large man in his 30’s who couldn’t carry a note, and a smiling Latin woman in her 60’s who danced out on the sidewalk most of the night.
As we scurried to put in our song choices, I felt like I was in a low-budget film. After the DJ person opened up the night singing with pride, the very large 30-something guy took the stage. He was as sincere as could be as he sang through that country song, not one note remotely on tune. We couldn’t even recognize the song. But he didn’t care. He was shameless and it warmed my heart. He didn’t care what anyone thought about his singing. I admired his freedom. I thought that Jesus wants us that free of others opinions.
Act 2...a 30 something woman, trendy with Corona in hand, took the stage. She sang a Fleetwood Mac song and sounded exactly like a rock star. We listened in awe, sang along with the chorus, and I began to realize that many of these people could carry a tune and had talent. In fact, I was experiencing a sub-culture I’d not known before and everyone but us seemed to be a regular. They were taking the night seriously.
Act 3...a muscular, tatted, beer-drinking 30-something took the stage. He, too, created beauty with his instrument.
Act 4...ME! Yikes, the first Braveheart (BH) to take the stage. Stacy, another BH joined me for moral support.  I told the crowd this offering was in honor of Robin and I was a first-timer. The crowd cheered. Stacy and I belted out Love Shack and worked the crowd. I was having fun with my BH’s and my new friends at Studio Cafe.
More BH’s took the stage and sang their hearts out. More regulars did the same. One of the show-stopping highlights of the night happened when the large country singin’ man who couldn’t carry a tune took the stage for his second song of the night.
He announced to the crowd he was dedicating his next song to Robin, the birthday girl. We all smiled. I think Robin was a little embarrassed. Then the tune to a Garth Brooks song began to play and Robin’s face turned to shock. She exclaimed, “This is my favorite song! This is the song I played for the BH’s that is God’s song to me!” She accused us of setting her up; she asked if any of us told the guy to sing it to her. We were all innocent.
As our sincere cowboy belted out Garth Brooks to Robin (we honestly wouldn’t have known had they not announced it beforehand), we were stunned by God’s pursuit of her. Talk about a God who will go to the ends of the earth to pursue one woman’s heart. Okay, we weren’t really at the end of the earth, but for the BH’s, Studio Cafe felt like it that night. And our Papa could not have been more specific in expressing His passionate heart for Robin.