The University of Utah

The University of Utah is not known for turning out Christian missionaries. Yet, while attending the school, both Lisa and Dennis were confronted with the desire to introduce Jesus Christ to others. Since joining Cru’s staff in 1983 (Dennis) and in 1992 (Lisa), they have been involved in introducing people to Christ. Helping them grow in a relationship with God, they train each of them to reach out into the world with Christ-like love. They can’t imagine another calling which better suits their passions.


Within 30 years and counting, Dennis has worked in the field at the University of Minnesota, University of Montana and the University of Utah, in Russia and Georgia (Soviet), Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Training & Development, directed the Campus Media Team, directed Staff Care, and has directed Campus Ministry media and theLAB (a design team). Currently Dennis accepted a new role with Cru working with the Vice President of Global Advancement directing marketing and communications.


Dennis loves listening to the Bible, podcasts about technology and design, and Audible books. He also spends a good deal of time dabbling in photography. Trying to stay fit, he loves swimming, recumbent biking, and going to the gym.


Ten years ago, Lisa began the unthinkable journey of home schooling their three lively kids: Madison (20), Keegan (18), and Cole (15). Amazingly, they’re all still alive, which is honestly quite a feat. This has consumed the majority of her time and energy. Aside from taking care of the family, Lisa has a passion for spiritual direction and formation and enjoys the rare privilege of facilitating a spiritual formation group of nine crazy and wonderful women every week. She also loves the sun, the beach, cooking, entertaining, exercising, and reading.


A new adventure God has thrown them into is loving and parenting two additional children: Meseret (14) and Kamise (12). In January of 2012, they brought these girls home from Ethiopia. This has been life-changing for all of them. It has been crazy, but filled with meaning, value and purpose.

Our Mission

Around the world, all of us in the Cru family wake up knowing that there are billions of people on earth who are deeply loved by their Creator, but are separated from Him because of their sin and that we are positioned to point many of them to Jesus Christ, the only name by which they can be saved. Our task is simple: introduce people to Jesus, teach people to walk with Jesus, and mobilize people to go and make disciples like Jesus did. Win. Build. Send. If we all do this, then we will help to fulfill the Great Commission in our lifetime. Doing anything else is not an option.

Since 1951 when Bill and Vonette Bright first began working at UCLA, Cru (previously known as Campus Crusade for Christ) has always been about reaching out to others and introducing them to a loving God who wants a relationship with them. Cru has expanded to 191 countries since that beginning and we have not lost our focus.